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Relying upon our sound strategy, innovative thinking, and proven execution capabilities, we help our clients navigate all types of situations, act as a trusted advisor, and align our resources to meet the ultimate objectives.


SPAC | Strategic Communications



Originated in China but pivoted to pursuing business in the global markets after China’s regulatory crackdown, the client experienced an electricity cut-off in Kazakhstan and downward pressures on Bitcoin prices immediately prior to its SPAC merger announcement.


• Created a narrative to set out the company’s strengths, built an international company image and minimize China identity.
• Despite the prior negative sentiment, 100% neutral to positive coverage across leading financial and crypto publications.
• Proactively reached out to top tier media, pitched and arranged interviews leveraging Christensen’s extensive media relationships, and shifted domestic media focus to the SPAC transaction from a pure crypto industry perspective to ensure successful media coverage
Launched a social media campaign engaging with multiple channels, KOLs, and partners to amplify.


• Secured an exclusive interview with Bloomberg for BitFuFu’s CEO, and a follow-up 1:1 interview with top tier trade media CoinDesk. 

• Received extensive media coverages across the globe and China from key financial and trade media, close to 600 online sites picked up the SPAC announcement news release. 

• Message amplified across Twitter, Weibo and WeChat, with BitFuFu's SPAC announcement being mentioned 380 times across social media platforms.

BitFuFu SPAC Case

DADA Group


Dada Group needed to build a strong investor relations program and raise awareness through capital market communications to execute a successful IPO.


• Refined investment story to align with its overall business strategy and culture, drafted investor and media Q&A and launched IR Website.

• Handled all logistics and on-site management for the listing, including coordination with the stock exchange, official bell-ringing ceremony on a listing day, media pitch for post-trading engagement, and hosting the listing day celebration dinner.

• Built-up investor database and consensus consolidation sheet, with detailed analysis of Bloomberg and broker consensus forecasts.


Christensen helped Dada Group execute a successful IPO, established its place in the global capital markets, and set up a comprehensive IR work plan for ongoing market communication and engagement.

DADA Group Nasdaq Listed

IPO | Market Intelligence | Investor Relations

DADA Group IPO Case
Huize Nasdaq Listed

Investor Relations | Financial PR



Huize needed to refine its overall investor relations strategy and capital market communications.


• Produced earnings summary and analysis report of Huize’s peers.

• Provided detailed analysis on broker consensus forecasts.

• Partnered with Huize’s team on all aspects of quarterly earnings announcements, draft and review annual reports, factsheets, and investor marketing materials.

• Drafted shareholder letters for Huize to convey the company’s key commitments to the shareholders, the progress on these commitments, recent development, business outlook, and financial discussion.

• Advised Huize to issue non-conventional press releases on new products and services.

• Proposed disclosure of more operating metrics that are critical for measuring the operating performance of global online insurance distribution platforms.


• Refined Huize’s market communication messaging and enhanced investor engagement.

• Increased the readership of the press releases.

Huize Investor Relatios Case

Kingsoft Cloud


Kingsoft Cloud’s IPO was faced with a unique environment in early 2020, amid the global outbreak of COVID-19, the U.S stock market crash, and the surging VIX. Luckin Coffee’s scandal also made it bad timing for Chinese companies to be listed in the U.S. In addition, Kingsoft Cloud was also the first IPO in many years to hold a listing ceremony mainly in mainland China due to the pandemic.


Considering the market sentiment and political/bilateral relations at the time, Christensen suggested Kingsoft Cloud keep a low profile and adopt a moderate and phased communication strategy:

• Shifting media focus to the company’s fundamentals and string for a neutral media sentiment in the pre-IPO phase.

• Highlighting the company’s business development on the IPO day, leveraging Christensen’s extensive engagement with domestic and international media channels to launch targeted marketing campaigns.


• Kingsoft Cloud’s main spokesperson accepted online interviews with Chinese media in the United States and mainstream international media, balancing and actively participating in international media reports.

• About 70 media printed the news release of Kingsoft Cloud's listing, covering major international financial media, including Financial Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, CNN.

Kingsoft Clouds Nasdaq Listed

Financial PR

SF Intra-city HK Listed

Investor Relations | Financial PR

SF Intra-city


SF Intra-city is a development-stage Chinese logistic company that completed a very successful IPO in 2021. Christensen was engaged to help develop its IR/FPR program, maintain the visibility the Company achieved through the IPO process, get more investors into the stock, and keep its existing shareholders once the lockup expired with an integrated IR and FPR approach.


• Developed annual IR/FPR plan.

• Worked with management to develop key messages and narratives.

• Drafted earnings PR, MDnA and other materials; published and distributed to Christensen’s contacts.

• Prepared Q&A and trained management on responses.

• Proactively reached out to top-tier financial media across the greater China region, pitched and arranged interviews leveraging Christensen’s extensive media relationships, and coordinated paid media advertisements to ensure successful media coverage.

• Assisted management on-site before and during the call (virtual format) and handled all event logistics.


• Received extensive media coverage after earnings call, 115 pickups across the wire in the greater China Region, including top financial media, and online news sites such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones Factiva, Thomson Reuters, ET Net, 21 Century Economic News, etc.

• Assisted in organizing meetings with 7 HK financial KOLs to enhance its reputation in the retail investor market and received 4 pieces of positive coverage and arranged a Zoom interview for CFO with HKET, Ming Pao, and Sing Tao Daily after the results announcement to enhance the market exposure.

• Christensen arranged 3 PRC mainstream social media advertorials on PRC mainstream social media, such as Gelonghui, Finet, and Zhitong Caijing after the results announcement.

• Secured 110 investors and analysts, as well as 18 journalists who attended both analyst presentation and press conference respectively.

SF Intra-city Financia PR Case
Christenen Advisory Cases

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